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AKUKU is a mom-inspired, one-woman show in Windsor, ON.

When I first started a small Etsy shop in 2018, my work was rooted in creating unique, high-quality nursery décor. Years later, AKUKU decorations have found their way into all areas of the home and office, and have been a part of countless celebrations. 


Designed for nurseries or any room in your home that could use a pop of fun, my homemade felt garland pieces are made with the highest quality New Zealand Merino Wool felt. Soft to the touch and brightly colored, every item in my shop is biodegradable with sustainable materials purposefully chosen as non-synthetic, eco-friendly, and safe for the whole family, including pets!  


I specialize in creating pom pom garlands, with an ever-evolving selection of colors and shapes for holidays, seasons, and special occasions. My needle-felt creations are predesigned with thoughtful mixes of shades and styles to capture every kind of unique spirit, from sunny summer pom pom garland to spooky and delightful Halloween garlands

Lightweight, damage-free, and packable, my natural felt decorations are very easy to put up, take down, and stow away until they are ready to be brought back out again. With handpicked favorites and personalized designs always available, I hope that you find a reason to add my family-friendly decorations to your home or celebration.   

Nothing sets the mood like a great candle. The caveat with most mass-produced candles, however, is that poorly sourced materials and synthetic fragrances can wreak havoc on our air. See that soot gathering along the inside of the vessel as you burn a candle from a big box store? You’re breathing that in.

When it came to AKUKU, I wanted to do better.

My handmade soy candles come in a variety of shapes and sizes, all designed to appeal to your senses. With the use of clean-burning, organic soy wax, my goal is to create candles that are handcrafted to look great and smell wonderful without compromising on safety and sustainability.


To add a touch of elegance to your sitting area, bathroom, bedroom, or nursery, consider a handmade sculpture candle. In the AKUKU shop, you’ll find a handful of interesting hand-poured soy wax candles taking the shape of trees, arches, swirls, pillars, and more.

While these sculpture candles are ideal for decorative purposes, you are also welcome to bring them to life for hours of peaceful burning. Made from biodegradable, non-toxic materials, my handmade natural soy candles burn cleanly and twice as long as conventional paraffin wax candles.


For a great, functional décor piece, the AKUKU shop also offers handmade soy wax candles encased in one-of-a-kind concrete vessels. My handmade cement candle series is updated constantly, but you will always be able to find best-selling scents like apple cider, lavender field, morning dew, and cinnamon bun for sale online. 

Each cement vessel of these natural soy candles is hand-poured in molds by me and outfitted with an FSC-certified wooden wick, which delivers a nice, soothing crackle when lit. While no two handmade candles will be precisely the same, you can always expect a high-quality item shipped with biodegradable packing materials when you shop AKUKU.

I love what I do and am always adding new products to my site, so please have a look around and come back often.